Tips To Slow Hair Loss

Hair loss… on a woman? It’s happening to increasing numbers of us – and it eats away at your femininity like an acid

Wendy pictured with her hair piece

According to the American Academy of Dermatology , two out of three men develop some form of balding during their lifetimes. And heredity is not the only cause. Other factors include: Certain medications Deficiencies in your diet Stress Managing stress levels will help to stop hair loss as major life stressors can actually cause your hair to die. Look at your prescriptions, too. They could be making you go bald.
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Tips to prevent hair loss

In hot and humid weather, the hair should be washed more often, in order to remove sweat and oil deposits, along with dirt. If the hair is oily, it should be washed three or four times a week. For dry hair, wash twice a week. This is important in order to remove dirt and chemical air pollutants.” It is also important to choose the right products.
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Boys now spend nearly as much as girls getting prom-ready (and they are splashing the cash on smart suits, eyebrow threading and spray tans) I had bald patches, and 30 per cent less hair than I’d had before that life-changing visit to the salon. I was in despair, made worse every time I saw a friend with thick, lustrous hair who constantly ran her fingers through it. My first book was published when I was 25. But when the Queen’s cousin, Patrick Lichfield, took my photograph for the cover, I was so ashamed of my thinning hair I insisted the picture be cropped to hide it. So I sympathise with Conservative MP Nadine Dorries, whose hair has started falling out following a diagnosis of alopecia. She likens her hair loss to having a mastectomy, such is the impact it has had on her femininity.
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